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New cards will be issued soon. Communication via mail, phone calls and emails will be provided with additional details and when you can expect your new cards.

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Shell Fleet Solutions offers three tiers of cards. Find out which one is right for your business.

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Shell Fleet Navigator®

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Shell Fleet Plus®

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Shell Small Business

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Shell Fleet Navigator® Shell Fleet Plus® Shell Small Business
Rebates of up to 5¢ per gallon (depending on monthly spend) View Rebates X
Rebates of up to 6¢ per gallon (depending on monthly spend) View Rebates X
B2B Loyalty Program (additional rebates at participating Shell retailers) X
Payment flexibility: ability to carry a balance X
No card fees1 (monthly, annual or setup) X X
Acceptance at 95% of all U.S. fueling stations X
Fleet SmartHub® app access X X
Fleet ClearView Data Analytics X X
Custom networks for fuel and maintenance (Site Selector) X
15% Discount at participating Jiffy Lube locations* X X
20% Discount at participating Jiffy Lube locations* X
Acceptance at nearly 13,000 Shell stations and participating Jiffy Lube locations* nationwide X X X
Customer service 24/7/365 X X X
Shell Account Manager online access X X X
Detailed reporting X X X
Level 3 data capture at stations X X X
Purchase controls X X X
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1Limited card fees for Shell Fleet Navigator.

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